The risk of falling victim to identity theft is very real and the consequences could prove disastrous. When it comes to identity theft, ignorance does not equal bliss. What you don’t know can damage your reputation and jeopardize your financial future. Tau Kappa Epsilon’s executive board recognized this real problem and initiated a search for a solution provider. I am pleased that my firm, ID360°, has been selected to be the identity theft security provider for TKE’s active membership and alumni. Given our unique approach in addressing each of the security phases of prevention, detection and recovery, we are delivering the most comprehensive service available.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, identity theft has officially surpassed drug trafficking as the number one crime in America with a new victim every two seconds. Identity theft has cost victims billions of dollars annually and required hundreds of hours to correct fraudulent activity on their credit reports. Given the number of large data breaches that seem to occur on a weekly basis, it’s not a matter of if you’ll become a victim of identity theft, but a matter of when.

This rapidly growing epidemic has completely changed the scope of what’s required in protecting ourselves. Gone are the days of relying solely on credit monitoring services which have limitations. New vulnerabilities require individuals to be more proactive, vigilant and self-reliant than ever before. Today’s reality: prepare or repair. The choice is yours.

We at ID360° recognize such a risk and have developed strategies that could help mitigate the chances of becoming a victim. Having served as a commander in several investigative and patrol units in the NYPD, I was uniquely qualified to address the risk of identity theft and I applied my experience to develop a risk reduction strategy called the Identity Lockdown Program. The program was designed to educate our members on the threat of identity theft and the risks of becoming a victim of the financial and non-financial forms of identity theft such as medical, criminal, Social Security number misuse and identity cloning. In this fast-paced, technology driven world in which hackers are growing more sophisticated in devising innovative and complex strategies to obtain and misuse an individual’s personal information, preparation is key.

ID360°arms its members with the tools and information necessary to minimize their risk. Although it is impossible to completely prevent identity theft, there are steps individuals can take to significantly reduce their risk of becoming a victim. Upon enrollment, each member receives an electronic copy of my book, “Identity Lockdown, Your Step-By-Step Guide to Identity Theft Protection,” which contains a step-by-step, systematic approach to securing one’s personally identifiable information. Identity theft protection is a lifestyle choice that demands ongoing vigilance. While no one can ever be entirely risk-free, implementing what you learn from my guide will drastically improve your preparedness and reduce your vulnerability. The ID360° team will also be hosting informational webinars for TKE members that will reinforce best practices and provide information on current fraud schemes and threats.

But to be clear, there is no way to eliminate the risk of identity fraud. Should an ID360º member fall victim, we step in to take over the identity recovery process from start to finish. With ID360º as your advocate, you will never have to go it alone through a maze of complicated protocols and unfamiliar procedures. We ensure the matter is handled professionally and competently.

Each of our recovery specialists is trained to respond to an ever-changing array of criminal tactics. The expertise of ID360º is truly something that sets us apart, including our national network of former federal, state and local law enforcement professionals and prosecutors. These experts have worked in the private and public sectors and have unparalleled experience in the area of identity fraud. When complicated cases arise, they’re ready to respond in a professional manner.