We used to think that privacy was a basic right in America. In today’s electronic world, however, privacy is increasingly an illusion. Cybercriminals are eating away at this fundamental right at an alarming rate. In fact, identity theft recently surpassed drug trafficking as the #1 crime in America, with virtually no one immune to falling victim to this high-tech crime.

ID360° was founded on a single guiding principle: Offer individuals and their families a real solution to prevent, detect and recover from identity theft in the quickest, most efficient and seamless manner possible.

The company is headed by a team with decades of experience in the law enforcement, legal and business fields. Our CEO is a former Deputy Inspector with the NYPD and former security executive with a global financial institution. Our COO is a former partner in one of the world’s largest law firms where he spent several years representing one of the three national credit reporting companies. The ID360° management team also includes a 20-year veteran in the insurance and benefits arena. The team’s vision was to create an institution that counsels consumers to prevent identity theft and is their strongest advocate in the unfortunate event they become a victim of Identity fraud.