James-LaPiedra-smIdentity theft is a serious crime that is growing at an alarming rate both here and abroad. We are reminded on an almost daily basis that no one is immune from this threat. The consequences of this crime, including lost time from work, financial hardship and harm to one’s reputation, can be devastating for the victim. Recovering from identity fraud can be a full-time job.

Unfortunately, due to advertising and marketing campaigns there are many myths and misconceptions about identity theft and its various forms. The most recognized form, financial identity theft, comprises only a third of all cases. Two thirds of identity theft cases are non-financial, such as criminal, medical, driver’s license identity theft and social security number misuse. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, devising innovative and complex strategies to obtain and misuse an individual’s personally identifiable information. Thus, the process to recover from an instance of identity fraud has become equally more complicated, requiring a depth of knowledge typically not possessed by the average victim.

ID360° provides a comprehensive solution for personal identity protection and recovery. ID360º members receive step-by-step guidance on preventive and detection measures that are proven to be the most effective ways of reducing the risk of becoming a victim. But to be clear, there is no way to eliminate the risk of identity fraud. Should an ID360º member fall victim, however, we step in to take over the identity recovery process from start to finish. With our experienced recovery team working on their behalf, ID360º members can focus on flourishing in both their personal and work lives.