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The security of your identity is determined not only by what you do, but also by what you don’t do. Gone are the days of relying solely on credit monitoring. Today everyone needs to be more self-reliant and vigilant by taking proactive measures to prevent and detect identity theft.  The keys to prevention and detection are knowledge and proactive personal risk management.  ID 360° provides each enrollee access to IDENTITY LOCKDOWN – Your Step-By-Step Guide To Identity Theft Protection, a valuable resource for reducing the risk of identity theft by providing the “how to” measures and techniques available for identity theft prevention and detection.

These measures will help reduce the risk of becoming a victim, however the reality is no one can eliminate the risk. ID 360° is a premier provider of identity theft restoration and is uniquely qualified in addressing all forms of identity theft such as criminal, medical, tax fraud and social security number misuse. ID 360° enrollees are provided the expertise of former federal, state and local law enforcement investigators and prosecutors. These professionals act as an identity advocate and assist victims from discovery to restoration.

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Prevention & Detection

Identity theft is one of the biggest issues facing us today. ID360’s team works hard to prevent and detect identity theft.

ID360° Solutions

Learn about ID360°’s prevention and detection services.

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ID360’s team of Recovery Specialists is highly trained in our proprietary processes and is dedicated to achieving real results.

ID360° Solutions

Learn about ID360°’s recovery services.

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An incident of identity fraud that affects your employee impacts your company. Minimize risk and improve productivity. ID360° can help.

ID360° Solutions

Learn about ID360°’s group identity protection services.

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