Identity theft is a time bomb the force of which, when unleashed, has the potential to cause major disruption in the lives of its victims. It takes approximately six months and 200 hours to recover from identity fraud.The reality for employers is that an incident of identity fraud that affects your employee impacts your company as well. In addition to lost work time (absenteeism), employees who are present but using company time to address the repercussions of identity fraud are distracted, worried and far less productive (presenteeism). Either way, the decline in productivity hurts your company’s bottom line. ID360°’s innovative identity theft protection and recovery solution can:

  • Minimize the risk of your employees becoming victims by educating them on identity theft prevention
  • Give your employees peace of mind by empowering them to prevent and detect identity theft in the quickest, most efficient and seamless manner
  • Lessen emotional stress on your employees and financial impact on your company’s bottom line because ID360° handles the recovery process for the employee through a Limited Power of Attorney

ID360° works for your employees, allowing them to devote 100% of their time working for you.