Unlike many of our competitors, ID360°’s service is proactive rather than reactive, providing benefits to members long before an incident of identity fraud is discovered through credit monitoring. ID360° members gain immediate access to the ID360° Identity Lockdown Guide, which educates members on virtually every aspect of identity theft with the aim of preventing thieves from victimizing our members.

While credit monitoring has some value, it also has serious limitations, including the inability to detect multiple forms of identity theft that are of equal if not greater concern than credit fraud. If credit monitoring does detect suspicious activity, such as an identity thief opening a new account using the victim’s name, detection is unlikely until days or even weeks later depending on the creditor’s reporting cycle. There is probably no better example of “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” than in the context of identity theft.

Should recovery become necessary, however, no company in the industry offers more extensive recovery services than ID360°. Many of our competitors reimburse their members for such expenses as photocopying and document replacement, but leave the victim to navigate the complex maze of recovery virtually alone. On the other hand, ID360° handles the recovery process on the member’s behalf from start to finish using a Limited Power of Attorney. The recovery services performed by ID360° include:

  • One-on-one consultation with the member for purposes of case assessment
  • Closing down accounts improperly opened using the member’s personally identifiable information
  • Clearing up fraudulent tax filings or tax refund fraud with the IRS
  • Eliminating thieves’ criminal behavior incorrectly attributed to the member in any police record
  • Removing impostors’ information from the member’s medical records
  • Notifying and assisting law enforcement in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of perpetrators
  • Periodic case status updates to the member

ID360°’s investigative reach stretches from coast to coast. And for the most complex cases of identity fraud, ID360° can bring to bear for its members investigative capabilities typically associated only with law enforcement.