ID360°’s team of Recovery Specialists is highly trained in our proprietary processes and is dedicated to achieving real results. This may include:

  • Resolving inaccurate information appearing in the member’s medical records as a consequence of identity fraud
  • Closing down accounts improperly opened using the member’s personally identifiable information
  • Eliminating thieves’ criminal behavior improperly attributed to the member in any police record
  • Cleaning up fraudulent tax filings or tax refund fraud with the IRS

The instant a member suspects an incident of identity fraud, just one call to our toll-free number will commence the recovery process. A dedicated Recovery Specialist will forward to the member:

  • A limited power of attorney (LPOA) allowing ID360° to conduct the recovery work on the member’s behalf
  • The necessary forms in the proper format that the member must sign for each type of identity fraud involved, specific for each state, including any financial institution and/or government agency

When required, more complex cases are escalated to our national network of investigators, which includes former federal, state and local law enforcement professionals and prosecutors.